How To Enhance Brand Loyalty And Brand Awareness With Infographics: Tips From Semalt

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Using visuals for getting the attention of the audience is not a new tactic in digital marketing. Of course, blogs and articles can help you to communicate with prospects, but visuals are more effective in spurring engagements and forcing people to take desired actions such as signing up to a monthly newsletter.

Infographics have proven to be very useful in helping brands to expand their client base. Recent studies show that they are shared on social media three times more than all other types of content. Drawing on this, Jack Miller, the experts of Semalt Digital Services has prepared the list of useful tips on how to get into the mind of your target audience with infographics.

Provide Reliable and Trustworthy Information

Incorrect information will hurt your brand’s credibility on the market. Therefore, make sure that the information that you provide through infographics is reliable and trustworthy. Ideas should be supported by verifiable facts and statistics. Be sure to cite the references correctly.


The primary objective of an infographic is to describe complicated concepts to the audience in a simple and easy to understand format. For example, the online identity verification process from Fully-Verified is explained thoroughly by using infographics. The information is broken down into bite-size chunks that readers can quickly absorb. Make sure to keep your infographic simple, succinct, and focused on the primary goals and objectives.

Otherwise, providing too much information will make it difficult for the audience to understand content. If one infographic is not enough to express all the ideas, go ahead and create a few of them.

Maintain a Smooth Flow of Content

A disorganized infographic makes it almost impossible for the audience to understand its contents. Make sure that the content of your infographic is professionally and realistically organized. One of the guaranteed ways of achieving this goal is assembling the visuals and graphics into sections Allied Experts. Doing so will help the audience to flow from one section to another seamlessly.

Always Have Updated and Relevant Information

Most of the infographics, including those that go viral, are only suitable for a short duration of time especially if the information they present is constantly changing. Your infographic should be relevant as long as possible to get the most results. Such infographics will continue generating traffic for your website as well as boost your conversion rates.

One of the easiest ways of keeping it fresh and relevant for extended is updating the information regularly to reflect changes on the market, visit For example, if the infographic covers Google website ranking factors, update it to include new factors that Google adds to their algorithm.

Less Text, More Graphics

One of the mistakes that most marketers make is including more text and fewer graphics. But it is not right. The essence of an infographic is to help the audience to process information better by using relevant visuals.

Finally, colors have a direct impact on how the audience will perceive and digest the information. Studies have proven that using the correct colors they can increase comprehension by up to 73% as well as readership by 40%. Make sure that you use the right colors to connect with the audience better.

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